A Public Transportation Strategy for Metro Vancouver Region

MIRZA, Raza - July 24, 2018

ProVancouver realizes Vancouver’s importance as a center for economic activity in Metro Vancouver. Tens of thousands of people commute into Vancouver every day, using public and personal transportation. The lack of transit options cause growing congestion and damages our environment. We cannot address these challenges by planning as disjointed municipalities. As ProVancouver, will collaborate with leaders and candidates in other municipalities to tackle these issues and develop a regional public transportation strategy for Metro Vancouver Region.

In additional to recommendation from All On Board campaign, our additional proposals include the following:
  1. Single zone across metro Vancouver Families and middle class working residents are leaving Vancouver every day due to the cost of housing. We believe charging the same people more to come back to work every day is a negative incentive and puts additional pressure on finding housing in business centres. Since most of the municipalities with affordable housing do not have good transit, residents, especially families, have no choice but to own a vehicle to do even the simplest of chores. The high cost of transit encourages people to use a car for daily commutes. In Phase I, to increase the attractiveness of transit options, ProVancouver will switch to single zone during peak traffic hours (before 10:00 am and after 4:00 pm), ending the backward policy of starting single zone after peak hours (6:30 pm). We will eliminate zones altogether in phase II.

  2. Family pass Even with concession rate tickets, it can cost a family of four up to $37.60 to make a three-zone round trip. At this cost, it makes little economic sense to take public transit, thereby adding more cars on the road. ProVancouver will introduce a family pass for up to five family members at a lower rate.

  3. Extend discount rate for anyone making less than $31,200 per year While British Columbia moves towards a minimum wage of $15 an hour, or $31,200 per year, ProVancouver recognizes that this is still far from Metro Vancouver’s living wage of $20.62. We will offer the $54 concession pass to anyone making less than $31,200 per year to compliment the change.

  4. Daily cap: World class cities like London have a cap on how much transit operators can charge in a single day. ProVancouver will introduce a daily cap that equals the daily pass rate after which all transit for the remainder of the day will be free. This means you can use it as little or as much as you need without having to pre-purchase a daily pass.

  5. Extended hours for weekend night service.
ProVancouver believes the Metro Vancouver region can fund this bold strategy by additional revenue from increased ridership of public transit and efficiencies allowed by operating the network at near capacity. We will also lobby the provincial government to give municipalities a higher share of the Carbon Tax and take a more proactive approach to capture the lift in land value enabled through expansion of public transport infrastructure.