Tiffiny Kindrid: Your Candidate for Vancouver School Board

Meet Tiffiny

Tiffiny's video

Tiffiny Kindrid is a third generation Vancouverite, and having lived in Vancouver her entire life, she is now bringing up a fourth generation of her family in the city. Tiffiny balances a family of two children, one in elementary school and one a recent high school graduate, with working in the role of Income Equality and Co-Treasurer for her children’s school PAC (Parent Advisory Committee), and volunteering for school activities.

As a parent, and a member of the school PAC, Tiffiny understands firsthand there are areas of the Vancouver school education system that could be improved. One of those areas is providing adequate support for teachers in order to provide the best education possible to children. That support could come in a variety of different of ways, depending on their situation. She has heard from high school teachers “that they need more time to lesson plan, we could find a way to provide that. And, elementary school teachers could use more help, especially at the younger levels, in getting kids organized.”  

She is also an advocate of the public school system and doesn’t think any child should be left behind. She strongly believes that if “private and independent schools are charging parents for their children to attend the school, then they shouldn't get funding.” However, she knows there will be exceptions, such as specialty schools for children with disabilities.

Tiffiny believes the Vancouver School Board would benefit from more diversity. Her role in Income Equality has enabled her to work towards ensuring that the school activities and fees are not prohibitive for families in her local community, there is “always an option to opt out of payment (for school activities) due to financial hardships.” She also recognises that “diversity is a huge help in any community or organization because it can help to insure inclusion for everyone.” Her local school in Strathcona provides an option “where those families who have a higher income can help sponsor those that don't (for school activities).”

She is concerned that there is not enough emphasis placed on putting families and communities first in Vancouver. She says ‘it takes a village to raise a child, and while times have changed, it still makes a world of difference having a close knit community. Our children are our future and if we don't put families and communities first, Vancouver will die out because the future will have moved away.’

Tiffiny’s community experience and local ties to Vancouver provide her an understanding of what it will take to move Vancouver’s schooling system to the next level. She is optimistic about every child’s future in this city, and is prepared to work tirelessly to achieve educational equality, not only for all children, but also for the staff that run the schools of the city.

Tiffiny’s Priorities are:

Schools Build Communities

● Adjust catchment areas to allow children to go the most easily accessible school

● Preserve sibling priority placement

● Advocate for coordinated long-term planning with residential development

● Create teacher housing support and hire more teachers

Schools for today’s families

● Modernize curriculum to emphasize technology and personal development

● Top-shelf ESL and Special Education through updated programs

Safe and Healthy Schools

● Immediately install filtration and bottle-filling stations at schools with lead in drinking water

● Petition province and federal government for seismic upgrading costs

● Provide daycare and out-of-school-care to all kids in their school catchment area

Sustainable Funding

● Secure community support for all district funding initiatives

● Communicate clearly and promptly on all funding and policy issues

● Equal opportunities and outcomes for all schools

On October 20, 2018, elect me and your ProVancouver team to work for your families.

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