Rohana Rezel: Your Candidate for Vancouver City Council

Meet Rohana

Rohana's video

Rohana, a technology entrepreneur, began fighting for right to safe housing when he had to protect his community from being evicted by a Vancouver-based developer following the Calgary floods of 2013. He later attracted national attention standing up for workers rights, when he used his programming skills to uncover abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program for exploiting both Canadian and migrant workers.

Rohana also advocates for stopping proceeds of transnational crime distorting Vancouver’s housing market, and stop Airbnb from decimating our rental stock. He even create a program at no cost to City of Vancouver for detecting abuse of AirBnB licencing system, which city refused to use.

Rohana grew up in a house without running water or electricity until the age of four. His father had to move overseas for a job to give Rohana and his brother a fighting chance. He made maximum use of those opportunities to land the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship to study in Europe before an opportunity to study Geomatics Engineering at University of Calgary.

Rohana raises funds for charity with Rueda de la Vida, a dance group, he lead for a while. Under Rohana’s leadership, Rueda de la Vida raised for funds for various causes, including helping homeless youth, sponsoring Syrian Refugees and helping the victims of natural disasters.

On a sunny weekend, you’ll find Rohana, his wife, and their friends hiking  and camping in the mountains.

On October 20, 2018, elect me and your ProVancouver team to work for your families.

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