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Rick is running for the Vancouver Parks Board, eager to use his background and many skills to protect and enhance the city. Excellent at getting things done, he believes "people should not just participate in recreation programs, but also give back, where they can." Rick wants everyone to thrive in Vancouver, knowing the important role of culture, recreation and green

He's aware of how the history of Vancouver's growth has been shaped by money and politics, and wants to put the needs of the people first. Rick takes the long view, listening carefully to today's Vancouverites, and ensuring the Parks Board is part of all future development. He understands how things work in government and quickly finds the places where he can help.

All Rick's efforts are towards building community, an interest that began at the University of Alberta as part of his degree in Recreation Administration. A natural leader, his goal is to help others grow confident and take charge of any new project. "You must know when to leave!" His greatest joy is seeing his ideas take hold and grow naturally, long after he has been involved.

A former travel consultant, Rick is drawn to places like Hawaii with its strong traditions and culture of hospitality. He explores the islands with his husband, Dan, finding the secret places that only locals know. Rick is inspired by the Hawaiian approach to providing housing, jobs, and keeping tourism contained. His Parks Board term will be defined by respect for the land, engaging the community, and planning for tomorrow.

On October 20, 2018, elect me and your ProVancouver team to work for your families.

Please help me take my message to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbours. Share my story, and if you can please donate to my campaign and volunteer today.