Lisa Kristiansen: Your Candidate for Vancouver City Council

Meet Lisa

Lisa's video

I was raised in the Okanagan Valley. My Dad was a contractor and I grew up watching houses being built. I love construction sites.  I left home to study at SFU where I earned both a Bachelor of Arts in the Social Sciences and Masters of Science in Statistics. I moved to the Commercial Drive area after I graduated. Life was busy then with my first career job, a husband, two toddlers and the improvement of three houses in succession.  

Over the years I came to love the diversity of place and experience Vancouver offers. The City’s natural setting and the distinct communities that have been carved out over time are priceless. Locals and visitors alike are positively impacted by this collection of humanity and places resting on the unceded First Nations territories.

I am still in our family home and am thankful for the long term relationships we have all built in both our residential neighbourhood and commercial zone.

In the last few years I have noticed myself and others registering an ongoing incremental loss of a sense of security in the City.  I believe this decline is in part related to the unnatural pace of, and pathologically profit driven, real estate development and marketing practices.  

These unprecedented practices have persisted and run roughshod over the affordability and livability of the City’s communities and housing options. They have also also threatened the viability of the neighbourhood commercial districts. Furthermore there has been an unprecedented transfer of real estate opportunity away from the working and middle classes. This all taking place while the panorama of the North Shore mountains is shrinking due to the high-rises squandering the City’s invaluable view corridors.  In the meantime the construction workers who build those view blockers are living under our bridges as they can’t afford housing.

I don’t want the short sighted and ethically challenged opportunistic elements threatening to determine our future to win. I believe the collusion of the private and public parties to the situation we now find ourselves in can be made transparent, effectively addressed and sequentially remedied before it reaches the tipping point.

It is clear that we will require a united and strategic effort to steer our City in a better direction.


Going forward we must build the capacity to:

1) Plan for and achieve optimal sustainability on all fronts

2) Develop transparency tools, for tracking sustainability on an ongoing basis

3) Implement effective governance practices to ensure City Hall is openly held responsible and accountable for how it conducts its business.

Accomplishing that involves time, properly managing money, strategic planning, taking difficult decisions and sticking to principles. Vancouverites need to elect an industrious and conscientious Mayor and Council prepared to effectively prioritize and implement well researched timely projects to support and carry out their solutions for our predicament.


I am stepping up as an candidate for a council position because I can’t imagine surrendering the people of Vancouver to a divided “have vs. have not” society, especially since I have spent many years building a level of expertise in the public sector that is well suited to addressing the issues we face.


Over the last 25 years my work has spanned a wide variety of industries, subject matter, and organizational and operational areas owing to a diverse list of employers/clients including:  


  • Office of the Auditor General for Local Government B.C.
  • City of Kelowna, District of Ucluelet, and Villages of Tahsis and Zeballos
  • ICBC – Research Services & Claims Division
  • B.C. E Division RCMP Traffic Services
  • B.C. Liquor Control & Licensing Branch
  • B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Children and Women’s Health Centre
  • BC Cancer Agency
  • Fraser Health Authority


I have been employed and self-employed in various capacities including: statistician,evaluator, researcher, decision support, manager, and consultant.

My achievements include but are not limited to:

  • determining design/development of potential improvements to, services, policies, programs, procedures, organizational and operational strategies, performance reporting frameworks and tools, technology systems etc..  
  • evaluating, researching governance/oversight, policy, financial services, operations and performance issues etc. to objectively inform management strategies, decision making, long term planning/financing and decision making in diverse public sector industries.
  • carrying out objective stakeholder research projects based on an experience informed approach that enables me to anticipate resistance and effectively steer project participants towards achieving project goals.
  • most recently I have been supporting small local governments to develop business cases for capital asset management grant applications, as well as improving their capital asset management program and practices.  

I am known for the insight, objectivity and rigour I bring to table.

I advocate for ethical decision making and project prioritization practices that consider both the evidence at hand and the stories of all stakeholders who will be impacted either directly on indirectly.

On October 20, 2018, elect me and your ProVancouver team to work for your families.

Please help me take my message to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbours. Share my story, and if you can please donate to my campaign and volunteer today.