I'm Breton Crellin, I was born in Vancouver

Breton Crellin, July 23, 2018

My name is Breton Crellin. I was born in Vancouver, and first had to leave when when I was a child when my mother, an Emily Carr trained artist turn environmentalist, and father, a shipbuilder turned professor of archaeology at SFU, had to leave Vancouver due to unaffordable housing.

In 2008, I came back to the city I was born in, back to my city. But it was the pre olympic boom and vancouver was even further out of reach.

Since then I have worked in almost every neighborhood in Vancouver, building homes for people to raise their families, until recently.

Today I build super homes and mansions on farmland, mini-mansions and luxury homes in the suburbs, and tiny cookie-cutter condos and towers that are sold in pre-sales overseas before they’re available to young people and families in Vancouver. These homes aren't built for families to live in, they’re built to make, park or flaunt wealth with. “These not the homes I want to build anymore”.

When I was first asked to run for Vancouver City Council, I knew the question about me not living in Vancouver will be asked. People will forget, many notable municipal leaders including Frederick Hume 28th mayor of Vancouver, have lived outside of Vancouver. This was also the tactic successfully used by Vision Vancouver’s mayor Gregor Robertson to attack then Non-Partisan Association (NPA) mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe, until he moved to Vancouver later.


But unlike Kirk LaPointe and other well-funded political elites, I cannot afford to rent a condo in Vancouver for 6 months to create that image. So for better or worse, I’ll accept the attacks directing my way for being the working class citizen, who cannot affordable to live in the city he was born in.

I’m running for Vancouver City Council because my connection to Vancouver residents is much deeper, established through years for serving them, helping build and protect the homes they raise their families in. I’m putting my career on the line to ensure no hardworking Vancouver resident ends up in my situation; forced out of the city they were born in and have to come back everyday to provide services essential for maintaining a healthy city.

I work for people of Vancouver everyday, if given opportunity to serve, it will be no different after October 20, 2018.

Please help me take my message to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. Share my story, and if you can please donate to my campaign today.