Homes, Not Investments

We believe housing should be for those who live, work and pay taxes, regardless of citizenship.

We believe everyone deserves the safety and security of a door and roof.

We believe housing is a fundamental right, not a commodity.

  • Affordable housing reconnecting housing costs to income
  • Implement 1:1 ratio of market vs non market housing
  • Zone new developments for at least 50% purpose built rentals
  • Improve housing security by preventing demovictions and renovictions
  • Celebrate and protect heritage buildings
  • Improve community amenities financed with transparent funding for projects
  • Amend short terms rental (eg. Airbnb) bylaws to protect long-term housing stock and to address legal and safety concerns

Advocate for:

  • Rent control legislation for municipalities
  • Land use based zoning for transportation corridors to stop land banking and increase transit accessibility
  • Taxation models crediting time lived here to avoid speculative global investor abuse