We believe that residents who contribute to society deserve to be safe and have fun.


Develop parks that residents can treat like their backyard.

  • Build 4-foot fencing around children’s play areas in all city parks.
  • Increase the number of park maintenance staff to ensure safety for all park patrons.
  • Increase sheltered areas and BBQs that enable more residents to enjoy parks all-year-round.
  • Revise public alcohol consumption bylaws that enable adults to enjoy alcohol responsibly and safely.

Enhance shared community spaces.

  • Return autonomy to the parks board commissioners.
  • Restore park board funding share to pre-2008 levels to enable community centre associations to focus on services and programming needed to maintain connected and healthy communities.
  • Create a central funding pool to allocate both capital and operating budgets based on community needs, using a transparent funding formula based on age of facilities, population and income level of neighbours.
  • Create and protect shared community spaces and playgrounds, with zoning as "Green Space" and "Community Space".
  • Increase childcare access, spaces in schools, and regulation and monitoring of private caregivers.
  • Address shortage of out-of-school care services.

Dedicate space to promote arts and culture in the city.

  • Develop permanent spaces for farmers' markets, artists, and entertainers.
  • Establish mix-used buildings that integrates an additional floor of open artists space above retail space, which can configured for multiple uses.
  • Create a new arts, culture, and food-focused public market as a hub for foodies, music lovers and locally-made shop supporters. The new market will have small footprint shops (which can be rented for partial or full day) and large shared seating areas, display walls and performance stage. This will provide affordable display space for local artists, cultural workers and makers.
  • Operate and promote the new and existing arts and culture hubs, and use revenue generated to directly provide additional funding for arts and culture programs.

Address congestion and transportation issues.

  • Create a mobility strategy to transport people quickly and safely regardless of their means of transportation.
  • Develop fair, technologically advance and accessible parking infrastructure for residents and businesses.
  • Return to free city-wide parking after 6:00 pm and on weekends.
  • Modernize bylaws for technological advancements, such as autonomous vehicles and future lifestyle innovations.
  • Reject mobility pricing and implement a regional public transportation strategy for the Metro Vancouver region. This addresses congestion by incentivizing Metro Vancouver residents to leave their vehicles at home and use public transit.
  • Improve the city’s health and sanitation by switching to a weekly garbage pick-up schedule.

Pursue environmental sustainability.

  • Reduce net carbon footprint by focusing on both operating and residual carbon emissions.
  • Double electric car charging stations.
  • Protect water supply and waterways.
  • Improve recycling program to enhance reclamation and recycling.