2018 holiday thank you

As a Loyal ProVancouver Supporter let us first offer an overdue deep thank you for the tremendous support you have given us and our profuse apology for the delay in communication.


Following the election, win or lose, David had planned to take time off to go camping off-grid to recuperate from the journey we undertook to reach the finish line. While outside of the electronic frontier, his mother passed away suddenly and he wasn’t notified until five days after his return. The last two months has been tied up with her funeral arrangements, and he is just now catching up with work and ongoing ProVancouver matters.


While we didn’t win the election, we know from a variety of sources that a strategic vote played out on the 19th. We had been finalists on a variety of influential endorsement lists, but with the concern that the NPA could sweep the vote, we were sidelined the day before the election. This had the effect of swinging thousands of votes away from us in a strategic attempt to block the NPA. This was unfortunate, and perhaps a symptom of the weakness of our electoral system. Regardless, we had a tremendous amount of support for newcomers and eclipsed the results of many of the independents. Independents working under a cooperative umbrella proved to be beneficial.


We are happy that we did the unthinkable. We took a bunch of new ideas, assembled a team, created an electoral organization and a brand - going from neophyte, to fringe, to serious contender in a fraction of the time that has ever been achieved before. The constant attacks on us by connected political groups, while fringe candidates were left alone, illustrated our growing threat to the status quo. At the peak threat prior to the strategic vote, we were polling at 22% public support.


The question is, where do we go from here? Many of our supporters want ProVancouver to continue to fight for the good of the people of Vancouver. We truly can offer an authentic, independent voice without any obligation to political parties, organizations or special-interest groups. Our team met following the election, and there is a strong will and desire to keep operating as an electoral organization and a group pushing for balance in our governance. Over the next 4 years we’ll continue to grow and prepare to run a slate of candidates for the 2022 civic election.


While we congratulate the new Mayor and Council on their victory, the first few weeks have demonstrated that this Council is fractured. There is only spotty political will to move away from the status quo.


As more and more evidence emerges regarding the seriousness of the social and economic engineering that has resulted in the housing crisis we are facing, ProVancouver is needed even more. Going forward, we need to fight the power brokers who created the conditions that produced this housing crisis. So, we forge forward in our community work.


As the holidays approach, we would like to invite our supporters to a holiday gathering at the Pink Pearl Restaurant on Friday December 14th at 7 pm. Seating is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible. If you can’t join us, Happy Holidays from your ProVancouver Team, and may 2019 bring good health and prosperity to you all.

Happy Holidays
From your ProVancouver Team

Will you come?