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#StandUnited for a Better Vancouver

Rooted in community, we came together to meet the need for a real leadership that proactively serves everyone — not just the few. We bring balanced, practical governance to Vancouver and practice sustainable decision-making. That is: We aim for long-term social, environmental and financial benefits. Unlike other political parties, we owe no political favours and are free to select policies from across the spectrum for the good of everyone.

ProVancouver aims to do this by empowering people to shape the city’s future. Why?

We want a Vancouver with beauty, heart, and soul, where communities thrive.

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ph: (604) 282-2180

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Our donor list

David Chen 1200
Sabrina Chen 1200
Tomomi Suzuki 1200
Rohana Rezel 1200
Mary Jane Li 1200
Rebecca Lockhart 1200
Liang-Tzu Chen 1200
Chien Chih Chen 1200
Dada Zoric 1200
Lilliana Andjic 1200
Kashmir Singh Niggar 1200
Doug Edgelow 1200
Greg Edgelow 1200
Pamela Lockhart 1000
Daniel Panccioretti 1000
Michelle Griffin 500
Simon Harvey 500
Paul Doroshanko 499
Joyce Evans 375
Marty Majerski 300
Joey Del Giglio 234.56
Moira Stillwell 200
Rachel Rocco 200
Philip Quan 200
Fred Nolte 120
Ashish Tomar 110
Randy Van Eyk 100
Aaron Lenhardt 100
Harv Grewal 100
Sandra Currie 100
Penny Newman 100
Baljeet Dahliwall 100
Samuel Kerr 100
Michelle Lowe 100
Curt Hillier 100