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#StandUnited for a Better Vancouver

Rooted in community, we came together to meet the need for a real leadership that proactively serves everyone — not just the few. We bring balanced, practical governance to Vancouver and practice sustainable decision-making. That is: We aim for long-term social, environmental and financial benefits. Unlike other political parties, we owe no political favours and are free to select policies from across the spectrum for the good of everyone.

ProVancouver aims to do this by empowering people to shape the city’s future. Why?

We want a Vancouver with beauty, heart, and soul, where communities thrive.

  • Featured press release

    ProVancouver announces Raza Mirza as City Council candidate for upcoming municipal election

    August 07, 2018
    Contact: David Chen

    August 07, 2018, Vancouver, B.C. – ProVancouver has announced Raza Mirza as City Council candidate. He will join Mayoral candidate, David Chen, City Council candidates, Breton Crellin and Rohana Rezel, and School Board candidate, Tiffiny Kindrid, on the ProVancouver slate.

    ProVancouver is a unique organization that unites independent candidates to form a strong team with a focus on balanced, practical governance. We are the choice people have been longing for to build strong communities and future for all of our children. The ProVancouver team is known for their advocacy and work within their communities. We are thrilled to announce Raza Mirza as another strong addition to our nominee roster!

    Short bio for Raza Mirza is added below along with links to high resolution photo, social media profiles and contact information.


    Media please email info@provancouver.ca

    Raza Mirza
    Twitter: @razamirza
    Website: https://www.provancouver.ca/raza_mirza
    Email: raza@provancouver.ca
    Mobile: (604) 417 4994
    Photo: (download)

    Raza Mirza, 33 years old father of two, is an R&D Manager at Vancouver based tech company, which helps governments and Fortune 500 companies alike use technology for compliance with policies, and prevention of fraud and corruption. After splitting his early career between Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Amazon, Raza joined Change.org to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see. As a spokesperson and Director of Government Relations for Housing Action for Local Taxpayers (HALT) Raza also pushed government at all levels to address speculation and foreign capital in Vancouver housing market. He has been the Secretary for the Standing Committee for Economy and Environment for BC NDP and a member of NPA; he has volunteered for Vancouver Greens and discussed policy resolution with Conservative Party of Canada local EDA. His ability to work across party lines makes him uniquely qualified to unite people to stand together for Vancouver.

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  • Featured petition

    Say No to Vancouver City Council sneaking through Critical Decisions before being Voted Out
    Sign our petition today.

    18 signatures

    ProVancouver seeks to end the ability of Vancouver City Council members to make critical long-term decisions before being voted out. Vancouver City Council members should not be able to alter Community Plans or sign contracts greater than one year in length or $100,000 in value during their final year in office to prevent indebting any future council to decisions made in bad faith.

    These decisions should be deferred to the voters during the general election, by a voter referendum.

    Will you sign?